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John Hammer, III started JM Hammer Trucking, Inc. in 1995. Upon completing his degree from California State University, Sacramento, John started up a business in the trucking industry. In the spring of 1995, he began transporting liquid fertilizer for John Taylor Fertilizers in Stockton, California. After a couple years, with the business growing, John expanded his business with a second truck. About that time, farmers began to implement new farming practices which included more efficient equipment and improved irrigation systems. With the upgrade of irrigation systems, the demand for liquid fertilizer increased. Farmers found it easier to use liquid fertilizer than dry fertilizer. A third trailer was added to the business in order to meet the growing need. It was at that time when his father, John Hammer Jr., after owning his own trucking company, joined his son, to create a successful tandem in the tanker industry. John Hammer Jr.'s state of the art pump designs and platforms, recruitment of drivers, catapulted the business to a higher level. It was not long after, when J.M. Hammer Trucking, Inc. began doing business as Hammer Transport.

Hammer Transport really started to grow in 2002. Two short years later, the team expanded even more when Johns wife, Sabrina, took over the office duties implementing and updating software to better meet the needs of customers. Hammer Transport includes a quality team of personnel and sub-haulers which allowed for more service opportunities and more streamlined execution. With a growing reputation of quality service and an upward trend of new accounts and business, Hammer Transport today is one of the primary carriers of bulk liquid and dry commodities covering all of California and occasionally out-of-state. In order to meet the demand of current customers we operate between eight and ten liquid and dry units daily. We are proud to watch our services grow and are committed to customer satisfaction.